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14 July 2024

3D, 2D, stop motion and cell animation is what we love to do. We can create the concept for you or take your ideas and breathe life into them. There are many uses for animation, take a look below or at our 'Animation reel' on the home page for some ideas.


Animation Services


We can make whatever you or we can dream up. We can take your product, service or message and deliver it in a visually engaging and entertaining animated film.




We create adverts, idents, promos and channel branding. Created in 3D/2D, cel, stop motion or a live action/CGI mix.


Marketing/PR support


Online virals or campaign content for your social medial strategy. Infomercials / Internal Comms, tell your story in the latest contemporary visual narrative style.


3D Stereoscopics


As suppliers of Stereoscopic 3D content to the London IMAX we undertake every aspect of Stereoscopic film production, from live action stereo shoots to CGI and compositing to creation of DCP files (Digital Cinema Pro).


Product Visualisation


Creating, rendering and animating lifelike 3D visualisations for consumer products, apps and games.


Shot Clean up/repair


Rotoscoping, rig removal, pack replacement, chromakey (green and blue screen) and 2D/3D tracking.

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